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I want to show column when the one column width is reached In Sql server reporting services 2008

For example.
In a coloumn A if textbox width is 10 then I want to join the another column to add it and merge dynamically to show the text in that textbox and it look like same textbox.

It is possible, then help me.

Thanks in Advance :

Updated 12-Sep-10 23:27pm
OriginalGriff 6-Sep-10 10:37am    
First off, if you want a quick reply then:
1) Get your tags right. SQL2005 does not use textboxes (It doesn't have a GUI). So you are presumably talking about VB, or C#, or...
2) Don't say "it's urgent" - it may be to you, but it isn't to me, and your urgency doesn't affect me in teh least. It will annoy some though.
3) Show us what you have tried. Otherwise it just looks like you want us to do your work for you.
Sandeep Mewara 6-Sep-10 14:18pm    
Title says 'hiding a column' but description says merging columns. Be clear and show us what you have tried so far.
[no name] 6-Sep-10 15:27pm    
Don't be rude. It may be urgent to you but not to anyone else here.
Sushant Joshi 6-Sep-10 23:36pm    
Sunil, may I suggest you to tag the question correctly and provide as many details as possible. Usually, we (generic term not just Indians) are not able to explain the problem effectively, as English is not our first language, hence, adding code snippet or image would be very helpful.

1 solution

Sunil, you have mentioned column, so what exactly are you using Data Grid or HTML Table or something else? Assuming, you are using HTML Table or Datagrid, it is possible using Java script.
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