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I want to use tally data for my project. How can I give connection and display data on project. Kindly help.
What have you tried?
Member 12240779 3-Jan-16 23:17pm    
Dim TallyCon As New OdbcConnection("DSN=TallyODBC_9000;DRIVER=Tally ODBC Driver;SERVER={(local)}")

Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 3-Jan-16 2:38am    
There is a Tally.NET library to access some of the functionalities, but there is no direct connection to the DB...In any case, this is a subject you should talk about with Tally
Member 12240779 3-Jan-16 23:18pm    
Dim TallyCon As New OdbcConnection("DSN=TallyODBC_9000;DRIVER=Tally ODBC Driver;SERVER={(local)}")

this connection is also not working out. I just need to show tally data on ASP.NET Data Grid
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 4-Jan-16 1:12am    
For that you need a running Tally server at {{local}}, whatever it is...

1 solution

Solution Found... Need to install tally on PC as I was using only tally exe and then call the connection in program.

Dim con As OdbcConnection

con = New OdbcConnection("DSN=TallyODBC_9000;PORT=9000;DRIVER=Tally ODBC Driver;SERVER={(local)}")

Dim dr As OdbcDataReader

Dim cmd As New OdbcCommand("Select $Name as ename,$AlteredOn as
alteredon,$Parent as parent,$OpeningBalance as openingbal,$_ClosingBalance as closingbal,$_PrimaryGroup as primarygrp,$_OnAccountValue as accvalue,$_CashInFlow as credit,$_CashOutFlow as debit,$_ThisYearBalance as thisyearbal,$_PrevYearBalance as prevyearbal,$_ThisQuarterBalance as thisquarterbal,$_PrevQuarterBalance as prevquarterbal from ledger")


cmd.Connection = con

dr = cmd.ExecuteReader()
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