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Hello All,

I use an Intel powered Dell laptop to run my application built using WPF 4.0 on Windows 7 64 bit OS.

When I connect a secondary monitor to the laptop or plug the laptop to a projector, the WPF application behaves very strangely. Few of the controls like the Listbox, splash screen, icons are visible on the primary laptop screen but are not on the projector (very weird, absurd !!).

Yes, I can see them displayed on the laptop screen, but completely invisible on the projector. I have tried the following, but not found any success.

1. Re sizing/Maximizing application
2. Changing resolution of the screen.

I am able to replicate the behavior on different projectors of the same brand/make (read clickshare).

Not sure, if this is a WPF issue or the display graphics/driver issue.

Also, I found this link from MSDN.
Various Problems when WPF Window is Maximized[^]

Any help/advice on this is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Updated 9-Mar-20 8:33am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 23-Dec-15 15:29pm    
It's hard to say anything without a code sample. But don't provide your whole code. It should be a separate minimal project created specially to demonstrate this problem only. But it should be comprehensive.
Philippe Mori 23-Mar-16 21:29pm    
Try adjusting your graphics card options in your system settings...

Ensure that your drivers are up to date. I assume that projector display is set to mirror laptop display in which case both image should be identical except for color calibration.

Obviously, on a projector some colors might look identical.

1 solution

anyone find a solution to this? Experiencing the same thing with clickshare and not showing a WPF application. All other apps are showing fine.
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Richard Deeming 9-Mar-20 16:23pm    
"Me too" is not a solution to the question.

If you want to ask whether the OP has solved the problem, click "Have a Question or Comment?" under the question and post a comment.

If you want to ask a new question, then ask a question[^].

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