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The code so far

I have made a List in the controller from a directories file names.

List<string> Pictures = new List<string>();
            DirectoryInfo getPic = new DirectoryInfo(@"mycomputter");
            FileInfo[] fType = getPic.GetFiles("*.png");
            foreach(FileInfo ft in fType)
            ViewBag.MyList = Pictures;
            return View();

@foreach (var item in ViewBag.MyList)
             <img src="~/Content/Images/@item" style="height:150px; width: 250px;" />


The Question
After this I loop its contents and create a grid of pics, which is what I initially wanted. In Desktop Application I would use for example some code like below

List<string> 70sPop = new List<string();>
to get boneym in a console application I would use
console.writeline(mcsc[2]); view if wanted solely to use the 3rd element. I have found Viewbag.mylist[x], just yields the code the itself to the view. I would like just use one element to produce a string. Look for information elsewhere almost all solutions pointed to a loop. I could use some conditional statements in the foreach loop but I am looking if poosible to call an individual element.
Updated 23-Dec-15 4:59am
Nathan Minier 22-Dec-15 12:56pm    
You know that you're returning the view before the filenames are added, right?
MarcusCole6833 22-Dec-15 12:58pm    
clerical error in the cut and Paste I will correct! (I sound like Gloria Gaynor)
DotNetSteve 22-Dec-15 22:44pm    
can you please explain this more clearly? - How do I use the individual constituents of a List in a View?
MarcusCole6833 23-Dec-15 9:49am    
I have added a little to the above in relation to your question

1 solution

I'm not completely sure that I understand you're issue. I've put the same basic code into place and it seems to work fine.

I can provide a list of the document names and I can select an individual item to display within an tag. The code for my View is shown below:

<br />
<ul><br />
	@foreach (var item in ViewBag.FileList)<br />
	{<br />
		<li>@item</li><br />
	}<br />
</ul><br />
<br /><br />
<br /><br />
Item Number 2: <br /><br />
<img src="~/Content/Employees/@ViewBag.FileList[2]" /><br />
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MarcusCole6833 23-Dec-15 14:10pm    
Thank you for your help!

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