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on mvc paging sorting locally works fine but on server getting error like below

Attempt by method 'DynamicClass.lambda_method(System.Runtime.CompilerServices.Closure)' to access type 'System.Linq.OrderedEnumerable`2<Solution.Areas.Admin.Models.ServiceModel,System.Int32>' failed.

Controller code

public ActionResult Index(string Search_name, int? page, string sortOrder)
ViewBag.orderbySortParm = sortOrder == "orderby" ? "orderby_desc" : "orderby";
switch (sortOrder)
                case "orderby":
                    var sorted = model.serviceList.OrderBy(a => a.DisplayOrder);
                    model.pageServiceList = sorted.ToPagedList(currentPageIndex, pageSize);
                case "orderby_desc":
                    var sortedesc = model.serviceList.OrderByDescending(a => a.DisplayOrder);
                    model.pageServiceList = sortedesc.ToPagedList(currentPageIndex, pageSize);

View Page

                    <a href="@Url.Action("Index", "Service", new { sortOrder = ViewBag.orderbySortParm })">Display Order</a>
Updated 26-Jul-18 6:27am

1 solution

I am also facing same issue do you get any solution for it :-)

I am not able to figure out the issue.
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Richard Deeming 26-Jul-18 13:10pm    
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