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In LibreOffice Impress. The Fade Smoothly Transition feature works fine.

When I convert to PDF, the transitions are not smooth.

Sometimes they will be the "Dissolve" style (with a bunch of little squares randomly changing on the screen) and sometimes they will be the "None" style (i.e., and instant blink to the next screen).

This worked before.

I can't figure out what I might have changed.

Can someone show me how to do this ?

Or give me a clue what option I changed (or didn't set on the last update) to cause this.
OriginalGriff 7-Sep-15 12:07pm    
I am sooooo tempted to send you to google... :laugh:
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 7-Sep-15 14:12pm    
PDF cannot do what office documents can with their applications; when you write PDF out of the office document, you loose good deal of information. You just should not take PDF so seriously.
C-P-User-3 7-Sep-15 15:08pm    
I have no document, no evidence to prove what I'm writing here, but I am _SO_ confident that I saw this work properly a week or two ago.

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