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I had an earlier question last month on dropdown issue and "F-ES SiteScore" username helped me achieve that.

<button >Click me</button>

function myFunction() {
// append the whole html for a select
document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML += "<select><option value='1'>One</option></select>";

// or create one programatically and add it to the DOM

var select = document.createElement("select");

var option = document.createElement("option");
option.value = "1";
option.text = "One";


return false;

But, I need help including the following... in-place of appendchild option..

open bracket cfselect
name="NameList" size="1" query="UserRole_q" value="EmpID" display="Name" selected="#temp#">
<option value="-1"></option>
close cfselect bracket
ZurdoDev 9-Jul-15 15:34pm    
I'm confused. What do you need?
Member 11709123 13-Jul-15 16:44pm    
so instead of the dropdown, i want the cfquery to be put in place.

if you look at the first part, its a javascript to show a button, when clicked it will show a dropdown, upon selecting a dropdown, 2nd dropdown shows up.

so, my initial question for this post, is that, how do i include coldfusion query which pulls the values for multiple in place of 2nd dropdown from the javascript.

hope i explained well.

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