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Welcome, Newcomer to Code Project QA : but, first, let us insult you, and down-vote your question

Source: CodeProject     Posted by Sean Ewington    Sunday, May 15, 2016 6:00pm    
Can "we" do better in QA?

Apparently this pattern of insulting and down-voting newcomers, and others, is just not going to stop.

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GeneralIt's standard practice Pin
MatthysDT15-May-16 18:59
MatthysDT15-May-16 18:59 
Not as an exuse, but I have noticed the same happening on other popular QA sites.

The newcomers who get roasted typically ask questions that show evidence of zero effort on their part to find an answer themselves.

I'm all for friendly hospitality to visitors and newcomers, but not at a cost of the quality of the community and the content it generates.

That being said, even when harsh response is justified, the prevailing tone can really be cranked down a few notches.

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