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He started programming in dBase, pascal, c then assembly. Actively working on image processing algorithm and customised vision applications. His major actually is more on control engineering, motion control, machine vision & satistics.
He did like to work on many projects that require careful analytical method.
He can be reached at


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GeneralPattern "language" Pin
f21-Sep-06 20:07
f21-Sep-06 20:07 
GeneralHub as Mediator Pin
f222-Jul-06 8:15
f222-Jul-06 8:15 
GeneralMimic COM architecture Pin
f222-Jul-06 8:04
f222-Jul-06 8:04 
Generalcan template specialisation replace callback? Pin
f25-Jul-06 8:28
f25-Jul-06 8:28 
can template specialisation replace callback?

i wish to replace callback by template specialisation.
is anyone come to this b4 and knowing that is multi-thread safe?

my application goes like this, many instance from our working code
is registering function pointer(for callback) to the library.
so that the library will notify us whenever it completed its job.

the answer to this question was found in the book, Complete Guide to Template Programming.
the specialise template can reside at client code, it actually override the abstract
template in the library. During compilation time, the linker will check is there a specialise
template defined and link accordingly.

-= aLbert =-
Generalstd::map issue Pin
f229-Jun-06 21:09
f229-Jun-06 21:09 
GeneralSynchronization of multiple reader and writer processes using Mutex Pin
f226-Jun-06 17:13
f226-Jun-06 17:13 
GeneralRemote Code Injection For All Windows Versions Pin
f23-Oct-05 5:05
f23-Oct-05 5:05 

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