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Client partner/Technical Architect/Multiple Project Management with over 19+ years of experience in all phases of the software development full & agile life cycle, including technical design, system analysis & programming.

✔ Experienced with large agile onshore/offshore model project(170+ team members).
✔ Innovative ideas and solution to improve development process, execution, test automation, project meta data reporting, etc.
✔ Client relationship, value added service, software development, right process to mitigate risk and ultimately deliver the project on time.
✔ 18+ years of technical "in-depth" knowledge on various programming technologies right from C, C++, Oracle, VB.Net, C#, Windows Workflow 4.0, Windows Communication Foundation, MS SQL Server. Touch of Java, TIBCO BW & BC. The new exciting thing in past few months is 'R' language.
✔ Handling multiple projects, working as client partner to a major bank in Charlotte, North Carolina
✔ Developer of intellectual property of Synechron Inc - Symplus Rule Engine - A rule engine developed using Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0 and Windows Communication Foundation.

Latest/Top stories:

✔ Started a few financial projects around AI(Artificial Intelligence). My new favorite language is R!!!
✔ Executing a few major projects in counter party credit & market risk platform & reg reporting area.
✔ Designed & developed a rule engine named Symplus Rule Engine using WF4.0, WCF, SQL CE 4.0


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