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I'm a C#/WPF developer, but I'm still maintaining a mountain of C++/MFC code. In my day job, I'm a mild-mannered engineer (unless I haven't had my coffee), helping make control software for large, high speed ink jet printing systems. After hours, I'm a bloodthirsty mercenary, selling my skills to the highest bidder. Yes, that sentence pretty much defines the extent of my marketing ability.

In my spare time (whazzat?) I run (slowly), bike (the kind you pedal), lift weights (not very big ones), and try to remember where I left my reading glasses.


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GeneralWhy I Fold Pin
Gary R. Wheeler15-Dec-05 1:02
Gary R. Wheeler15-Dec-05 1:02 
GeneralRe: Why I Fold Pin
Pheadjack28-Jul-08 3:33
Pheadjack28-Jul-08 3:33 
GeneralInstallShield discussions Pin
Gary R. Wheeler15-Oct-03 12:43
Gary R. Wheeler15-Oct-03 12:43 
GeneralRe: InstallShield discussions Pin
Michael P Butler15-Oct-03 22:38
Michael P Butler15-Oct-03 22:38 
GeneralRe: InstallShield discussions Pin
Gary Wheeler16-Oct-03 2:32
Gary Wheeler16-Oct-03 2:32 
GeneralRe: InstallShield discussions Pin
Raj Lal12-Nov-05 8:14
professionalRaj Lal12-Nov-05 8:14 
1. i worked on 6.5 version of that it worked like a champ then
i will recommend everybody about installshield

2. loads of feature (almost everything you want to customize in your setup.)

3. Installshield help online as well as the built in is the best
you get every thing there

4. Don'ts =" if i remember well if you create an update for an application make sure the upgrade project GUID is the same as the original project


"Not everything that counts can be counted..."
-Albert Einstein

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