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31 Dec 2022 CodeProject MVP 2023



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GeneralPutin ... Pin
0x01AA26-Feb-23 7:45
professional0x01AA26-Feb-23 7:45 
GeneralPiano in between.. Pin
0x01AA10-Dec-22 6:20
professional0x01AA10-Dec-22 6:20 
GeneralWe can make a difference Pin
0x01AA3-Dec-22 5:25
professional0x01AA3-Dec-22 5:25 
GeneralIdiot Cup: a Swiss German song. Translated Swiss German -> German -> English with google, no guarantee ;) Pin
0x01AA24-Sep-22 6:32
professional0x01AA24-Sep-22 6:32 
Song Links:

Sign language: Tubel Trophy (1992) by Baby Jail sign language Edition - YouTube[^]

TUBEL TROPHY (1992) by Baby Jail - YouTube[^]

Text, google translate from Swiss German -> German -> English, therfore take care:

Idiot Cup
Once upon a time there was an idiot, a really bad bottle
He said light skin comes from washing
He said the sausages grow in the butcher's garden
And wherever the sun shines, there would be an ice cream map
He thought he had a right to safety forever
Imagine mommy cleaning his room for the rest of his life
Once upon a time there was an idiot who sat at the regulars' table
He said: If you want to work, you cut something to eat
He shouted: It's a shame, it's a disaster
If you need a waiter, he'll be right there with his brats
He made stupid jokes about the Negroes and the gays
He said: I'm not paying taxes for the lazy anymore
Once upon a time there was an idiot who paid for a round of beers
And then they told him there was a competition in the jungle
Survive a month with no bank and no ID
After that, no party and another two kilos of gold as the main prize
They showed him a magazine with a large advertisement
There was a very clear description of what was going on
Once upon a time there was an idiot and a bar full of drunks
Everyone was screaming, idiot, do the cup
He climbed onto the table, proud and all alone
He cried: Yes, I'll show these monkeys!
He ordered another beer and was heard saying
Even in the jungle he was superior to any Negro
Once upon a time there was an idiot who took off on a plane
And when he landed, they were already waiting for him
He got into a big car almost like a king
His helpers packed provisions in his backpack
For days they drove to the end of the world
And then they left him there without a passport and without money
Once upon a time there was an idiot who crawled on the ground
Someone had promised him the last great adventure
He ran around dirty and lonely in the jungle
And finally he met some soldiers in a village
He shouted: Now I want to go home, it's no fun anymore
But the soldiers only said: We would like to see your passport
Once upon a time there was an idiot, a tough one and a healthy one
It's gone somewhere far away in the dirt
He never realized that the competition was big
Was only invented to get rid of an idiot
At home in his pub, they forgot about him pretty quickly
And in his place, there was soon a new idiot
It's not for nothing that the idiot cup has so many stanzas
Every idiot should understand it and the philosophers too
All you idiots peddling your idiot slogans
All you idiots marching after every idiot
Stand in the sh*tty bowl and pull on the handle it has
When you're gone, no one misses you


modified 24-Sep-22 12:38pm.

GeneralDrummer, Michael Shrieve Pin
0x01AA8-Apr-22 11:00
professional0x01AA8-Apr-22 11:00 
GeneralEl M. Pin
0x01AA15-Mar-22 11:51
professional0x01AA15-Mar-22 11:51 
GeneralThis And That Pin
0x01AA5-Mar-22 4:30
professional0x01AA5-Mar-22 4:30 
GeneralThe Seventh Son Pin
0x01AA21-Jan-22 13:49
professional0x01AA21-Jan-22 13:49 
GeneralCarl Palmer unpluged Pin
0x01AA13-Jan-22 13:20
professional0x01AA13-Jan-22 13:20 
GeneralDennis Chambers one to re listen... Pin
0x01AA8-Jan-22 14:19
professional0x01AA8-Jan-22 14:19 
GeneralAnswering old questions Pin
0x01AA8-Jan-22 6:44
professional0x01AA8-Jan-22 6:44 
GeneralLed Zeppelin - to be completed by the original Pin
0x01AA3-Dec-21 10:28
professional0x01AA3-Dec-21 10:28 
GeneralTo Remember, Line Count e.g. in Question ... Pin
0x01AA1-Dec-21 6:00
professional0x01AA1-Dec-21 6:00 
GeneralRUN DMC - Walk This Way (Official HD Video) ft. Aerosmith Pin
0x01AA27-Nov-21 9:12
professional0x01AA27-Nov-21 9:12 
GeneralMusic is my thing ;p Pin
0x01AA26-Nov-21 12:31
professional0x01AA26-Nov-21 12:31 

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