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Best VB.NET Article of April 2014

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Each month at CodeProject we gather together the best of the articles submitted the previous month and ask our readers to choose the best of the best. Entry is automatic - just submit you articke and we'll do the rest.

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Current Entries

Articles that match the contest criteria are automatically entered.

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21 Apr 2014Amir Emamjomeh
This application integrates modification, simulation and visualization of Black-Oil model of hydrocarbon reservoirs
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6 Apr 2014Prabakaran T
Ultimate USB Reset Attribute with powerful option
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24 Apr 2014mohamedkamaleed
unhide folders after virus attack
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25 Apr 2014Frankxcid
Class that allows you to programmatically create an Open XML Excel spreadsheet
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20 Apr 2014Zhuyun Dai
Your build will fail if you print 'Error:' in your custom Build Events of Visual Studio.
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18 Apr 2014Rion Williams
How to handle casing issues through extension methods in C# and Visual Basic
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2 Dec 2014Kenneth Haugland
Implementation of Bezier curve, Derivative Bezier curve, Cathull-Rom spline, Bessel-Overhauser spline, Lagrange interpolation and convex hull
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8 Apr 2014Nick Sagriotis
You want to customize the database connection string at run-time? Here is how.
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23 Apr 2014George Sefcik
Switch all controls on a window to read-only by clicking a menu item
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15 May 2014rhawk4
A component replacement for the standard GridView that adds filters to the header and does not require code changes on your page.
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14 Apr 2014Duncan Edwards Jones
The query side of the Command Query segregation or responsibility architecture
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1 Jan 2015Benjamin Lifshitz
With this code, you can print images quickly and efficiently, using the largest part of the A4 page for your image.
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24 Apr 2014Pragmateek
Introduction Following my previous article on a similar subject, Extend your VBA code with C#, VB.Net or C++/CLI, I’ve received an interesting feedback from a VBA developer who wanted to leverage the advanced support of the .Net framework for regular … Continue reading →
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15 Apr 2014Mike_1989
The following code populates a mainmenu within VB.Net dynamically using recursion, until all items are added to the main menu

Current Participants

Those with articles that match the contest criteria are automatically entered.

This member has not yet provided a Biography. Assume it's interesting and varied, and probably something to do with programming.
Software Developer
Ireland Ireland
C# / SQL Server developer
Microsoft MVP (Azure) 2017
Microsoft MVP (Visual Basic) 2006, 2007
Software Developer (Senior) Nelson Stud Welding
United States United States
Over 15 years Experience in I.T. now dedicated to software development. Front end and back end are my home. C#, VB Java .net and ASP to name a few
Software Developer (Senior) GWSoftware
United States United States
Independent Software Developer
There are no such things as problems...only opportunities to work harder!
Chief Technology Officer
Norway Norway
This member has not yet provided a Biography. Assume it's interesting and varied, and probably something to do with programming.
Systems Engineer
United Kingdom United Kingdom
This member has not yet provided a Biography. Assume it's interesting and varied, and probably something to do with programming.
Systems Engineer Gizasystems
Egypt Egypt
This member has not yet provided a Biography. Assume it's interesting and varied, and probably something to do with programming.
Software Developer
Greece Greece
This member has not yet provided a Biography. Assume it's interesting and varied, and probably something to do with programming.
Software Developer (Junior)
India India
Sr Software Developer.
Web Developer and Desktop Application Development.
Instructor / Trainer Pragmateek
France (Metropolitan) France (Metropolitan)
To make it short I'm an IT trainer specialized in the .Net ecosystem (framework, C#, WPF, Excel addins...).
(I'm available in France and bordering countries, and I only teach in french.)

I like to learn new things, particularly to understand what happens under the hood, and I do my best to share my humble knowledge with others by direct teaching, by posting articles on my blog (, or by answering questions on forums.
United States United States
My first computer was a Commodore Pet 2001 and I learned BASIC on it. In college I learned and played with Fortran, Colol, PL/1, ASM, JCL and such. I started working with computers in the early 80s programming Z80, 8088 machine code and then BASIC, Turbo Pascal, Modula-2, 6800 machine code, 6809 machine code and 6502 machine code. By the late 80's I was doing a lot of Borland Pascal and communications/modem programming and making EDI translators and using BTrieve databases. I worked up to C and then Delphi when it came out. By the mid 90's I was a web developer on Netscape servers and then Microsoft NT. I then began to use Classic ASP and started to learn SQL Server and Access. Now I am an IT Manager, but on the side do web development (mostly retail sites and shopping carts) and I sell cat toys online.
Software Developer (Senior)
United States United States
An experienced Software Developer and Graphic Designer with an extensive knowledge of object-oriented programming, software architecture, design methodologies and database design principles. Specializing in Microsoft Technologies and focused on leveraging a strong technical background and a creative skill-set to create meaningful and successful applications.

Well versed in all aspects of the software development life-cycle and passionate about embracing emerging development technologies and standards, building intuitive interfaces and providing clean, maintainable solutions for even the most complex of problems.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I'm a Full-stack Software Developer with over a decade of experience at industrial and research projects having my main focus on Microsoft .Net stack.
China China
Over 10-years experience in using Microsoft technologies.
At present, working as the architect of a clustered real-time data delivery and visualization system, responsible for the design of component architecture, product packaging and deployment, also targeting private cloud solutions for future.

Contest Entries and Requirements

  1. The contest period covers the the first day of the month 12AM US Eastern Standard Time and ends the final day of the month at 11:59:59 PM US Eastern Standard Time. All entries must be submitted during this period in order to qualify.
  2. Entries must be an article, or blog entry.
  3. With the exception of the Everything Else category, the article must be tagged with at least one of the tags corresponding to that competition's category (for example, to enter the C# Competition you would need to tag your article with a C# tag).
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  7. No author can be nominated twice in the same category.
  8. If an author writes has two separate articles, each article may be considered in their respective categories provided none of the aforementioned rules are broken. For example, if an author wrote two separate articles, one related to C# and one related to VB.NET, the author and articles could be nominated in the C# and VB.NET competitions, respectively.
  9. In the event an author wins multiple competitions, and repeat, identical prizes, the number of prizes issued is solely at the discretion of the prize issuer.
  10. Multiple votes from the same IP will be automatically disqualified.
  11. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  12. Only those who live in jurisdictions in which this contest is legal may enter.
  13. Any breach of the rules and the prize will be awarded to the runner up.
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How to Enter

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1 Apr - 30 Apr 2014