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Programming Languages
25 Feb 2015   Updated: 25 Feb 2015   Rating: 4.74/5    Votes: 75   Popularity: 8.80
Licence: CPOL    Views: 80,335     Bookmarked: 79   Downloaded: 260
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Features included in C# 6.0 that can help us to have better and readable code
Web Development
10 Jun 2015   Updated: 10 Jun 2015   Rating: 4.83/5    Votes: 46   Popularity: 8.02
Licence: CPOL    Views: 72,370     Bookmarked: 58   Downloaded: 5,561
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This article is intended to all those developers who are working on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with JavaScript/JQuery. Here I tried to show all the possible ways of handling JSON from client like XMLHttpRequest, JQuery Ajax, Angular js with Web Service, WCF Rest, Asp.NET Web Forms, MVC, MVC
20 Aug 2014   Updated: 20 Aug 2014   Rating: 4.95/5    Votes: 19   Popularity: 6.09
Licence: CPOL    Views: 47,414     Bookmarked: 46   Downloaded: 637
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Step by Step learning of knockout framework - Day 1
30 Aug 2014   Updated: 30 Aug 2014   Rating: 4.24/5    Votes: 9   Popularity: 4.04
Licence: CPOL    Views: 29,853     Bookmarked: 26   Downloaded: 308
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Today we are going to get deeper into knockout and try to learn some more features about this framework
8 Sep 2016   Updated: 8 Sep 2016   Rating: 4.38/5    Votes: 41   Popularity: 6.92
Licence: CPOL    Views: 52,752     Bookmarked: 38   Downloaded: 0
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After working so many years with .NET Framework, now it’s time for .NET Core. What has changed and why it changed. Let’s understand it in this article.
16 Jan 2016   Updated: 4 May 2016   Rating: 4.75/5    Votes: 19   Popularity: 5.96
Licence: CPOL    Views: 32,871     Bookmarked: 37   Downloaded: 5,595
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This is part 2 day 2 continuation of article Learn HTML5 in 3 days.

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India India
I am having 15+ year of Experience in technologies like Asp.Net Core, WCF, MVC, MSSQL, LINQ, Angular, C#, Design Pattern, DI, Oracle, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap & jquery. I am a coder/trainer by profession.