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Posted 22 May 2003


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Visual Studio .NET Integrated Tools

22 May 200315 min read
Learn more about some of the tools integrated into Visual Studio .NET and its newest release, Visual Studio .NET 2003.

This article is in the Product Showcase section for our sponsors at CodeProject. These articles are intended to provide you with information on products and services that we consider useful and of value to developers.

This is a showcase review for our sponsors at CodeProject. These reviews are intended to provide you with information on products and services that we consider useful and of value to developers.

Learn more about some of the tools integrated into Visual Studio .NET and its newest release, Visual Studio .NET 2003!  For a complete listing of Visual Studio .NET integrated tools, controls and components, please visit

Application Integration Tools
NetManage OnWeb Host Integrator

Components and Controls
Dundas Chart for Windows Forms Enterprise Edition
Dundas Chart for ASP.NET Professional Edition
Dundas Chart for ASP.NET Enterprise Edition
Dundas Chart for Windows Forms Professional Edition version 3.0
FMS Total .NET SourceBook

Configuration and Change Management tools
Merant PVCS Version Manager
Merant PVCS Tracker
Merant Dimensions
Merant PVCS Professional

Database Management Tools
Artech DeKlarit
DataDirect Technologies DataDirect Connect for .NET edition 2.0

Debugging Tools
Compuware Compuware BoundsChecker 7.1
FMS Total .NET Analyzer
Monash University VSGuard

Design and Modeling Tools
Wilde Technologies Wilde 1.0

Development Tools
Compuware DevPartner Studio Professional Edition 7.1
FMS Total .NET XRef
Madinina Software CodeObject
Visible Systems Visible Developer

Engineering and Product Development Tools
National Instruments Measurement Studio 7.0 for Visual Studio .NET 2003
Agilent Technologies T&M Programmers Toolkit v1.1

Installation Tools
InstallShield Developer 8
InstallShield Express 4

Language Tools and Plug-ins
Eiffel Software Eiffel ENViSioN! 1.1
Fujitsu NetCOBOL for .NET Version 1.1
Salford Software Salford FTN95 for Microsoft .NET and Win32 version 4
Eiffel Software EiffelStudio 5.3

Mobile Tools
HP iPAQ Pocket PC Biometric Authentication SDK with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 support
HP Mobile Printing SDK with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 support

Agilent Technologies
T&M Programmers Toolkit v1.1

The Agilent T&M Programmers Toolkit is a test code development environment that extends the Microsoft® Visual Studio .NET platform with integrated, easy-to-use software tools and components - designed to make it easy to communicate with and configure, acquire, analyze and display data from test instruments and test systems. The integration of the T&M Toolkit into Microsoft's open-standard development environment gives T&M users the ability to focus their attention on what matters most - verifying and testing their electronics designs and products. The new version 1.1 adds support for Visual Studio .NET 2003 as well as Managed C++, USB instrument support and the latest IVI-COM instrument drivers.


DeKlarit is a lifecycle tool that helps you design, develop, and maintain database applications. DeKlarit provides a simple way to design database applications using plain business knowledge. Based on that, DeKlarit automatically creates and maintains a normalized schema as well as generates ADO.NET strongly typed DataSets and DataAdapters. When the application requirements change, DeKlarit creates a new database schema, migrates the data from the old schema to the new one, and regenerates the required DataSets and DataAdapters. DeKlarit generates Visual C# and Visual Basic .NET code and supports SQL Server and Oracle.

Compuware DevPartner Studio Professional Edition 7.1

DevPartner Studio is a comprehensive suite of Windows-based, multi-language developer productivity tools. It easily integrates into every team's development process and is used in building the most challenging applications, including web-enabled, e-commerce and distributed applications. These tools help developers automatically detect, diagnose and facilitate the resolution of software errors; maximize code performance; and ensure optimum code coverage and testing. DevPartner Studio provides a superior solution to .NET development because it easily integrates into a team's existing development process and is tightly integrated into the Visual Studio .NET IDE.

Compuware BoundsChecker 7.1

BoundsChecker is a premier automated error detection and debugging tool that speeds development and shortens time to market by automating the debugging process right inside Visual Studio .NET. BoundsChecker provides clear, detailed analyses of programming errors and detects and diagnoses errors in static, stack and heap memory, and in memory and resource leaks. BoundsChecker works with and across the native Windows platform and the Microsoft .NET Framework allowing for the same familiar tool to be used to detect errors crossing the .NET boundary. BoundsChecker offers wide-ranging error detection, boundary analysis between managed and unmanaged code, active API checking and IDE integration.

DataDirect Technologies
DataDirect Connect for .NET edition 2.0

DataDirect Connect for .NET edition 2.0 is a complete suite of ADO.NET managed data providers for connecting applications to all major enterprise databases including DB2 UDB, DB2 AS/400, DB2 zOS, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase. Implemented as 100% managed code, Connect for .NET runs completely within the .NET managed code environment for better performance and less security risk. No database client libraries are required. Supports Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator.

Dundas Software
Dundas Chart for Windows Forms Enterprise Edition

Dundas Chart for Windows Forms Enterprise Edition is one of the most advanced financial charts available. Get stunning charts with zooming, scrolling, advanced business intelligence, data manipulation, data grouping, filtering and built in formula support. All the features needed for full featured advanced charting.

Dundas Software
Dundas Chart for ASP.NET Professional Edition

Dundas Chart for ASP.NET Professional Edition is a fantastic, full-featured, fully managed, ASP.NET Charting Component. Features include 3D border skins, a large variety of chart types, client-side image maps and tooltips, paint, backpaint events and more.

Dundas Software
Dundas Chart for ASP.NET Enterprise Edition

With all the powerful features of the Professional Edition, including all major and many advanced chart types, 3D border skins, image maps, tooltips and more, the Enterprise Edition goes even further. With built in intelligence and advanced data analysis abilities, the Enterprise Edition allows you to analyze, filter, and make sense of any data you give it to make it one of the most advanced financial charting packages available.

Dundas Software
Dundas Chart for Windows Forms Professional Edition version 3.0

Dundas Chart for Windows Forms Professional Edition lets you add stunning, fully managed, full featured charts to your next project. Includes all standard and many advanced chart types, scrolling, zooming and more.

Eiffel Software
EiffelStudio 5.3

EiffelStudio™ is the primary tool for realizing the full power of the Eiffel Development Framework. This includes Design by Contract and multiple inheritance which are native to the Eiffel Language. It is a complete, full-featured development environment that covers the complete round trip from requirements and modeling through testing and compilation. Applications written in the Eiffel language are fully compliant with the.NET Framework 1.0 and, therefore, can run on the Windows platform.

Eiffel Software
Eiffel ENViSioN! 1.1

Eiffel ENViSioN!™ 1.1 is the Eiffel-language plug-in for Microsoft’s Visual Studio .NET. The product allows developers to use Eiffel from within Visual Studio .NET, and to share applications and libraries with both other Eiffel users, and users of other .NET languages. A superb vehicle for building higher-quality .NET components with Design by Contract™. Version 1.1 is fully integrated with Visual Studio .NET 2003 and now offers incremental compilation.

Total .NET Analyzer

Total .NET Analyzer detects over 150 potential issues. Learn how to build reliable applications by developing faster, scanning your projects for hidden bugs, finding unused code, detecting performance issues and more.

Total .NET SourceBook

Total .NET SourceBook is a comprehensive .NET Code Library. Total .NET SourceBook is a good way to increase your development productivity. With tons of source code and tips, you'll learn how to take full advantage of the XML services functionality built into the .NET Framework.

Total .NET XRef

The Total .NET XRef allows you to cross reference code in real time. Click on any object in your source code and Total .NET XRef instantly finds all places where that object is used. It will also allow you to find overlooked object references.

NetCOBOL for .NET Version 1.1

NetCOBOL for .NET includes a new compiler targeting the Microsoft .NET Framework common language runtime, support for ASP.NET and XML Web services, and integration with the Visual Studio .NET 2003 integrated development environment. The released product also supports the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Windows and ASP.NET Forms designer, which support a rich drag and drop design-time experience for developing rich client and ASP.NET user interfaces using COBOL. Additionally, we now support IntelliSense, code outlining, Class View and Object Browser support, improved performance of generated code, pointer item support (critical for certain types of COBOL code), support for very large sequential files (beyond 4GB), and an external file handler interface.

HP iPAQ Pocket PC Biometric Authentication SDK with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 support

Easily access the development and testing functionality of the HP iPAQ Pocket PC Biometric Authentication Software Developer Kit (SDK) while enjoying the flexibility and extensibility of Visual Studio .NET 2003 developer's framework. The HP Biometric Authentication SDK is a Visual Studio .NET plug-in that allows you to create and deploy applications with biometric user authentication for properly equipped iPAQ Pocket PC devices. The iPAQ Pocket PC h5450 is the first mainstream platform to feature hardware biometric authentication, and just a swipe of the user's finger is required to secure or unlock the device. Come explore how HP software is accessible via your preferred development environment. Register to join the iPAQ Developer Program to access the SDK.

HP Mobile Printing SDK with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 support

The HP Mobile Printing SDK with Visual Studio .NET 2003 support allows developers to print enable their application to print directly from a Microsoft Pocket PC device. HP Mobile Printing SDK with Visual Studio .NET support extends Visual Studio .NET so that developers can use drag and drop functionality and wizards to quickly extend their current Pocket PC applications with wireless printing functionality. Using the standard being developed by the IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group (PSI) standard, the SDK also provides developers with tools to link mobile applications and Web services to server-based HP wireless print solutions.

The HP Mobile Printing SDK with Visual Studio .NET support allows for simple, one-step integration to incorporate printing via 802.11b, Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP), or IR as well as wireless web print service support via 802.11b. It has a small deployed footprint with features balanced for print quality, speed, feature support and wireless connections and is supported through HP's Industry Leading Printing and Digital Imaging Developer Program.

Developer 8

InstallShield Developer offers great power and flexibility for Windows Installer setups. Its wide range of features allows developers to quickly and efficiently create reliable, customized installations from within Visual Studio .NET 2003 or using its standalone IDE. Developer 8 meets new installation-authoring needs with revolutionary patching and upgrading technology, direct MSI file creation and editing, and custom script support. In addition, InstallShield Developer 8 creates installations for the Windows Powered Pocket PC and other Windows CE-based devices, continuing a tradition of technical leadership for emerging platforms, including complete support for the Microsoft .NET Framework, Web services, and integration with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

Express 4

InstallShield Express is the easy and fast path to robust, straightforward Windows installations. Express guides users step-by-step through a visual checklist interface and enables complete installation development with no training, in less than a day. No scripting is required. Express includes many productivity Wizards, task-oriented views, and built-in support for over 70 third-party technologies. Full integration into the Visual Studio .NET 2003 IDE and complete support for applications utilizing Web services is available.

Madinina Software, Inc.

CodeObject is a Microsoft Visual Studio .NET add-in. It is a productivity tool for C# and Microsoft Visual Basic .NET developers. It includes IntelliCodeTM, a statement completion technology that offers syntactically correct language statement completion and full Microsoft IntelliSenseTM automation. The auto “Using-Imports” feature is a statement completion tool that offers all .NET types and automatically inserts the using statement, facilitating .NET Framework learning. CodeObject automatically generates code for inherited elements (functions and properties). CodeObject-Where code is the object.

Merant PVCS Version Manager

Merant PVCS Version Manager provides source code control, change and version management, and software configuration management for small to medium size teams. Intelligent, easy-to-use conflict resolution and version management features help you implement changes faster and with fewer errors, from any platform, across the enterprise. Version Manager works within Visual Studio .NET 2003; organizes software assets and development files; manages versions, revisions, promotion levels and team development tasks; and protects software during change and development processes.

  • Support for LDAP compliant authentication systems (such as Active Directory, Novell and iPlanet) streamlines user facilitation.

  • TrackerLink in the Version Manager Web client integrates Tracker defect tracking directly into the Version Manager software configuration management (SCM) system. Process control with new administrator setting enables enforced code-to-issue association (if desired).

  • Citrix technology along with Microsoft secure tunneling, enables Version Manager to run on additional platforms (SCO, Irix, Mac and more), and extend desktop functionality to remote team members.

Merant PVCS Tracker

Merant PVCS Tracker is a premier defect and bug tracking tool. It captures, manages and communicates the many issues that software teams face every day. Automated issue management increases team productivity and speeds development. Tracker works within Visual Studio .NET 2003; automates issue capture, notification and reporting; and eliminates guesswork about responsibilities, handoffs and status. Release 7.5 adds integration with Microsoft Visual SourceSafe source code control, adds association of code modules and related issues. Tracker offers Citrix terminal access support to extend automated defect and issue resolution tracking to distributed development teams.

Merant Dimensions

Merant Dimensions provides - in a single tool - comprehensive process control, workflow management, version management, issue management, build management, baseline management, and release management. Dimensions works within Visual Studio .NET 2003; supports software assets on client/server and mainframe environments; provides a scalable solution for centralized teams to the distributed enterprise across a wide range of software applications; and offers an end-to-end solution supporting the full range of software change management disciplines.

Merant PVCS Professional

Merant PVCS Professional is Merant's foundation offering for software configuration management (SCM). Professional delivers quick ROI by giving project teams a simple-to-implement SCM solution, out of the box. We recommend it as the perfect starting point for project teams to begin organizing software assets, automating tasks and managing software change.

Merant PVCS Professional includes Version Manager to protect source code, manage parallel development, enable enhanced code reuse and protect against common development errors. The Professional suite also includes Tracker for automated change and issue tracking, helping teams manage bug and defect reports and resolution status. Automation speeds resolution of project issues, while keeping everyone informed of their responsibilities through a rules-based notification engine. The Professional suite also includes Configuration Builder for automated and repeated software build management.

Citrix terminal access with Microsoft secure tunneling, powerful I-Net interface, and integration with Visual Studio .NET 2003 enable distributed teams to work collaboratively worldwide across the heterogeneous enterprise.

Monash University

VSGuard is an implementation of relative debugging for Visual Studio .NET 2003. VSGuard builds on the rich environment provided by Visual Studio .NET, and adds relative debugging functionality seamlessly. Relative debugging allows a user to compare the execution of two programs at run time, making it easy to locate errors introduced when a program is modified. Thus, users already familiar with Visual Studio .NET only need to learn a few new commands and concepts to make full use of VSGuard.

National Instruments
Turn Visual Studio .NET into an Engineering Workbench With Measurement Studio 8.0

NI Measurement Studio is an integrated suite of native classes and controls for test, measurement, and automation applications in Visual Studio .NET 2003 and Visual Studio 6.0. Measurement Studio dramatically reduces application development time by providing .NET and ActiveX user interface controls designed for engineers, advanced scientific analysis, and data acquisition (DAQ) and instrument control class libraries optimized for test.

OnWeb Host Integrator

The OnWeb Host Integrator product provides developers a powerful application programming interface product to dynamically access data and transactions in legacy mainframe applications directly from the Visual Studio.NET 2003 development environment. The design tool in OnWeb Host Integrator - Navigator, allows developers to simply view and extract data from legacy screens. It allows application developers to rapidly create, edit, test, debug, organize and deploy the required legacy data program objects for the targeted environments. The pre-installed connector provides a seamless connection between Windows and the access server to execute the XML based host interaction sequences of the mainframe transactions from multiple host applications. In addition, the OnWeb Host Integrator product allows the Visual Studio .NET developer to use legacy transactions as Web Services in delivering their enterprise applications.

Salford Software
Salford FTN95 for Microsoft .NET and Win32, version 4

Salford FTN95 for .NET and Win32 is a 100% Fortran 95 compiler fully integrated into Visual Studio .NET 2003 enabling mixed language projects to mix existing Fortran code with new code written in other .NET languages such as C# or VB. Salford CHECKMATE technology, part of FTN95 for .NET, enables a comprehensive range of runtime checks for common Fortran errors while code is under development.

Visible Systems
Visible Developer

Visible Developer 3.1 is a software component design and development tool that generates fully functional three-tier applications incorporating the latest technologies: ADO.NET, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003, Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, Visual C# .NET and XML. It maps the physical database design to a single logical business object. Developers use design-time objects to express business requirements in Visible Developer's model. Code patterns translate requirements into the Microsoft Visual Basic .NET classes, modules, forms, and stored procedures comprising the applications.

Wilde Technologies
Wilde 1.0

By placing design at the centre of the software development lifecycle, the Wilde 1.0 architecture implementation platform enables the creation of flexible systems that are resilient to change. Wilde 1.0 does not treat system design and implementation as separate processes. With Wilde, applications execute directly from their designs ensuring that ‘What You Design Is What You Get’ - WYDIWYG(TM). Because the underlying architecture is not implemented in the components of the system, Wilde enables components to remain architecturally neutral and open to cost saving reuse across the organization. Wilde provides a powerful environment in which architects, designers and developers can implement architectures by designing, creating, reusing and combining a range of applications including XML Web services, .NET and COM components.


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