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Posted 28 Apr 2009

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Portmappings on UPnP-NAT(s) using C++, winsock2, xerces2.8 (Linux friendly code)

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28 Apr 2009CPOL
Portmappings on UPnP-NAT(s) using C++, winsock2, xerces2.8 (Linux friendly code)


This article introducing a portmapping method and some IGD's UPnP SOAP actions using C++ without the Microsoft's COM library for the UPnP. So sorry, you have to setup libraries and VC paths like an image[red square] below. This project using boost-cpplib and xerces (DOM parsing). But I couldn't upload libraries with my source code because of an upload timeout with large file size.


I had just tested soap responses from UPnP-enabled routers. I had not tested the connections and data streams as points of this article.

Sorry for potential bugs and my poor English.

  • Multiple NICs and multiple routers are supported. But CASCADED NATs are not supported.


I want to implement the portmapping without third party (UPnP) libraries and attempt to write platform independent code AS POSSIBLE.

Using the Code

#include "stdafx.h"

#include "Manager/ApplicationManager.h"
#include "Manager/COMManager.h"

#include "Network/NetworkManager.h"
#include "Network/NetworkHelper.h"

#include "NATBreak/UPNPNATServiceTypes.h"
#include "NATBreak/IGDDiscoverProcess.h"
#include "NATBreak/UPNPNATHTTPClient.h"

using namespace std;
using namespace boost;

thread_group tg;

int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])
	ApplicationManager am;
	NetworkManager nm;

		IGDDiscoverProcess discoverer( 500000 );

		tg.create_thread( ref( discoverer ) );

		IGDDiscoverProcess::IGDControlInformations cinfos = 
		boost_foreach( IGDDiscoverProcess::ControlInfo info, cinfos )
			if( info.has_problem )
				cout << "has problem" << endl;

			if( info.service_type == UPNPSERVICE_LAYER3FORWARDING1 )
				// Layer3Forwarding:1 srvice

				UPNPNATHTTPClient soap( info.ip, info.port );

				( info.control_url, info.service_type );
			else if( info.service_type == UPNPSERVICE_WANIPCONNECTION1 )
				// WANIPConnection service
				UPNPNATHTTPClient soap( info.ip, info.port );
				string ip;
				UPNPNATHTTPClient::SoapResult res = 
					ip, info.control_url, info.service_type 
				cout << "WAN IP : " << ip << endl;

				UPNPNATHTTPClient::SoapResult soap_res;
				soap_res = soap.AddPortMapping( 
				    string("test"), 12345, 12345, string("UDP"), 
				    string(""), // own nic's address 

                                         info.control_url, info.service_type 
				if( UPNPNATHTTPClient::SoapSucceeded == soap_res )
					cout << "portmapping succeeded." << endl;

				soap_res = soap.DeletePortMapping(
					12345, string("UDP"), info.control_url, 
				if( UPNPNATHTTPClient::SoapSucceeded == soap_res )
					cout << "delete portmapping succeeded." 
						<< endl;
			else if( info.service_type == 
				// WANCommonInterafaceConfig:1 srvice

				UPNPNATHTTPClient soap( info.ip, info.port );

				string ip;
				soap.GetActiveConnection( 0,  
					info.service_type, info.control_url );
	catch( IGDDiscoverProcess::exception &e )
		cout << e.what() << endl;

	return 0;

Points of Interest

  • In case when multiple UPnP-enabled NATs are cascaded
  • IPv6 support


This is the first version. 

The sample code has been fixed. The fixed part seems "string(""),". This address means an own nic's address to send a m-search message.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

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GeneralExcellent article Pin
xComaWhitex1-Dec-10 21:33
xComaWhitex1-Dec-10 21:33 
QuestionHow to compile the code with Boost? Pin
Tage Lejon28-Apr-09 22:45
Tage Lejon28-Apr-09 22:45 
AnswerRe: How to compile the code with Boost? Pin
Yohei Murakami6-May-09 2:40
Yohei Murakami6-May-09 2:40 

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