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Customised Calender web server Control

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30 May 2009CPOL 47.8K   526   20   3
This Customised Calender web server Control developed in .Net version 1.1

Sample Image - calender.jpg


This Customised Calender web server Control developed in .Net version 1.1. this can be easily Added to toolbox below other web controls . drag & drop the control on web page like normal web server controls. user can set many look properties of control.

Calendar power at your finger tips Compared to other scripting languages—in which you have to manually create a calendar, perform date calculations, and assign events—This Calendar control comes as a welcome breath of fresh air. If you have a site that requires date input from users, the Calendar control provides an easy way to create a graphical date selection tool, thus improving the user experience and reducing erroneous input.

Calender Default Event:

Private Sub Hitcalender1_hdateselected(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal day As Integer, ByVal month As Integer, ByVal year As Long, ByVal caldate As Date, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Hitcalender1.hdateselected

TextBox1.Text = caldate.ToShortDateString

End Sub

Event hdateselected returns sender, day,month,year,date

as output when postback is fired

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huajingyinmeng12-Dec-08 19:04 
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AnasHashki12-Apr-06 4:23
AnasHashki12-Apr-06 4:23 
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