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Can anyone point me to the right direction as to how I can develope a Windows Form Applicaion in VB.Net for a goods scanner?

I wish to use a scanner to scan the item, it should probably read the bar code or price?

I have read about it being possibly developed in VB.Net on the net. But is there any specific bar code or price reader scanner that I can get together with any specific coding instruction to develope the application in VB.Net?

Please assist as I wish to develope a small application for a trade store. A single scanner will be used as it will have a single cashier.

Thanking you in advance.
Updated 9-Oct-14 16:01pm

do you know which device you're using?

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ekipongi 9-Oct-14 21:25pm    
Hi Bryce,

I have none, and I have not yet decided on one as yet. There are many out there but I just wish to get one that is cheaper and can be able to work with an application that I can develope in If you can recommend one would be good, and how I should use that for a application.

bryce 9-Oct-14 21:30pm    
So you want a barcode scanner and you want to write software for it for a shop - i'd have thought there were plenty of solutions just waiting to be purchased and installed on the shop's pc

ekipongi 9-Oct-14 21:37pm    
Thanks. I will check this out. Yes, there are plenty but I want to just get the scanner so I can write the codes so I have the source codes. A scanner that can read price would be preffered too so I will check on this.
Usually barcode scanners are connected to a serial port, either physical or virtual, or they function as a keyboard (HID).

If you select one that communicates over the serial port, you need to look into the Serialport class[^]
The advantage of using a serial port is that it is much easier to direct your scanned data into the receiving control, such as a TextBox, regardless of if the control has focus or not.

If the scanner emulates a keyboard, it is very easy to get started.
Just put focus to the control that should receive the scanned data and scan.
Then use the TextChanged event to process the data.
The challenge is that you need to make sure the focus is on the correct control.
If you have multiple applications running this can be a bit tricky.

There are ways around this, but it is a bit more advanced.
Refer to these articles:
Global System Hooks in .NET[^]
Using Raw Input from C# to handle multiple keyboards[^]

They are written for c#, but should be possible to apply to as well.
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ekipongi 10-Oct-14 0:25am    
Thanks George.

Will definately consider your recommendations.

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