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I'm developping a windows form application with ADO .Net entity data model , how can i fill a DataTable
DataTable dt = new DataTable()
from the data base using dataBaseEntities?
here is my query:
from data in db.Sources
where data.IdTheme==idtheme
select data.Url;
Updated 19-May-13 21:33pm

1 solution

Is there any specific reason why you would want to transform your IEnumerable<string> into a DataTable?

Anyway you can probably do something like this (untested):

var queryResult = from data in db.Sources
where data.IdTheme==idtheme
select data.Url;

var dt = new DataTable();
foreach (var url in queryResult)
    var newRow = dt.NewRow();
    newRow["Url"] = url;
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Nnorss 20-May-13 3:13am    
Thank you Guirec! I want to put the results into a listBox thats why i used a dataTable.
Guirec 20-May-13 3:15am    
then you don't need to transform into a datatable...
you just have to bind your result to the listBox.

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