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i want to send the first cell of datagridview's current row index as a paramater to my stored procedure. i wrote that code it works well
this.musteriTableAdapter.DeleteCustomer(isTakibiDataSet.Musteri, Convert.ToInt32(dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.CurrentRow.Index].Cells[0].Value.ToString()));

and when i try it with messageBox to ask the user if sure to delete the row. but it deletes always first row. here is my code
if (DialogResult.OK == MessageBox.Show("Are you Sure to delete ?", "Delete ?", MessageBoxButtons.OKCancel, MessageBoxIcon.Question))
         this.musteriTableAdapter.DeleteCustomer(isTakibiDataSet.Musteri, Convert.ToInt32(dataGridView1.Rows[dataGridView1.CurrentRow.Index].Cells[0].Value.ToString()));

what is wrong with my code here ?
Orcun Iyigun 20-Oct-11 15:58pm    
Have you debugged the "dataGridView1.CurrentRow.Index" value? is it the same value? Why not use selectedrow property instead?
Erdinc27 20-Oct-11 16:06pm    
i tried SelectedRow but it doesnt have Cells[] property. now i tried something like
it shows the right value when i use it out of the DialogResult scope but if i use it with DialogResult it gives the value of first row.
wizardzz 20-Oct-11 16:11pm    
SelectedRow has ItemArray, use that.

1 solution

It looks like you aren't sending the row index, but rather the converted to integer value of the first cell of the current row.


Why are you doing that instead of just this:



Go ahead and use SelectedRow instead, use
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Erdinc27 20-Oct-11 16:08pm    
thanks for the reply. i dont need currentRow's index i need the currentRow's first Cell's value. because there i have firm_id so i need to send that id to my stored procedure as parameter. so i can delete the selected row
wizardzz 20-Oct-11 16:12pm    
Understood, see my comment to your reply to Orcun.
Erdinc27 20-Oct-11 16:16pm    
thanks for the help. i noticed the DİalogResult change the value of the cell so i tried something like that and it works now.
private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
int theValue = Convert.ToInt32(dataGridView1.CurrentRow.Cells[0].Value.ToString());
if (DialogResult.OK == MessageBox.Show("Kaydı Silmek İstediğinizden Emin misiniz ?", "Kaydı Sil ?", MessageBoxButtons.OKCancel, MessageBoxIcon.Question))

this.musteriTableAdapter.DeleteCustomer(isTakibiDataSet.Musteri, theValue);
wizardzz 20-Oct-11 16:19pm    
Interesting work around, I would definitely be sure to document why you had to do that in your code so others don't ever break it on accident. Glad you found a solution.

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