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If I want to do the following:

List<string> listOfStrings = new List<string>();


//... add items here ...

// iterate through the list and find all items
// ending with "LT" and remove the last two characters
// from those items, but leave the list intact
for (int i = 0; i < listOfStrings.Count; i++)
    if (listOfStrings[i].EndsWith("LT"))
        listOfStrings[i] = listOfStrings[i].Replace("LT", "");

// list should now be
// 13
// 14
// FooBar
// Dummy14Item
// Brontosaurus165
// can I make this change with LINQ?

So is there a way to make a projection of the List<t> that contains essentially the same items except for the modification? I tried

listOfStrings.ForEach(x => { if (x.EndsWith("LT")) x = x.Replace("LT", ""); });

But, unless I am doing something incorrectly, it doesn't seem to be working. One reason may be because the ForEach function takes as its parameter an Action<T> delegate, which passes T obj by value, not by reference.

Does anyone have a hint? I just hate the first block with the for(int i;i < list.Count; i++ ), it seems so gradeschool.

Updated 12-Sep-11 9:13am
Herman<T>.Instance 12-Sep-11 15:35pm    
in stead of the for loop you could have used foreach (string value in listOfString) {if value.EndsWith("LT") ......

1 solution

int i = 0;

listOfStrings.ForEach(x =>
       if (x.EndsWith("LT")) 
            listOfStrings[i] = x.Replace("LT", string.Empty);
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Brian C Hart 12-Sep-11 16:45pm    
I would also do

list = list.ConvertAll<string>(x => x.EndsWith("LT") ? x.Replace("LT", "") : x);

however this is another process of O(n) complexity that replaces my list with a whole new list, identical to the old except for the changed items. digimanus's answer is close; i just was hoping that i wouldn't have to declare an int i outside the ForEach call. It's almost as gradeschool as the OP.

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