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Hi guys

I have a little project in opencv, just distinguishing coins from pens from a static image. All it does is basically find the contours of each object and draws a best fit elipse around it.

The coins are fine, problem I have is each elipse which is supposed to surround each pen is centered and the correct size but sits at a 90 degree angle to the object. Ive used the cvelipsebox function and I was wondering if there was a function to rotate this elipse 90 degrees? I've been googing but an't find a solution...If my code would make it easier, just let me know what you need to see

Any help would really be appriciated


1 solution

not sure what this opencv is but if you are drawing an ellipse by specying X, Y, width and height then switch the width and hight values would produce a 90 degree rotation.

Sorry if I am off the mark with this one

EDIT: (Not quite sure how to work this Q&A stuff yet)

These functions?
...the first overload for ellipse function takes an angle value as the forth parameter. This could be set as -90 or 90 to give the correct rotation you would need. As you can see from the diagram in the link, the ellipse initially starts pointing to the right (90 degrees) so I would assume your drawing is defaulting to an angle of 0
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Smithers-Jones 1-Mar-11 9:53am    
Answer of OP:
"nah its a c++ computer vision libary with different c++ functions & libarys

cheers though"
musefan 1-Mar-11 10:10am    
These functions?

...the first overload for ellipse function takes an angle value as the forth param
kutalinelucas 1-Mar-11 10:40am    
Thanks for looking that up...basically I have drawn a elipse around tracked objects so i'm using the cvelipseBOX function which doesn't take rotation as an argument. I think I may be able to rotate the image stored in cvbox2d and import that...

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