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this is adeel siddiqui.
i wanna ask u that how to make a car racing game?
what are the requirements that i need in c# or in XNA?

Lets say you're going to use XNA, do you know C# and DirectX programming? these two are the basics for XNA.
Why don't you go Microsoft's XNA site, you can even join the community there, I can't say if they will teach how to program games, but at least they will have good examples that can help you start, also Microsoft offers the XNA studio and you can download it from there, at least the last time I read about it, it had everything you needed to start developing applications for XBox Live...

I hope this helps you
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There are a couple of articles here on CP about car racing games:

WPF Grand Prix[^]

RaceX - A 2D racing game using DirectDraw[^]

Maybe you can get inspiration/direction from them.

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maq_rohit 31-Dec-10 8:53am    
This is perfect link for racing game
You probably need to buy a book and read it. No forum reply will tell you how to write a game.
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I think you need to undarstand term 2D and 3D.
Base of that you can able to decide which technology is preferable.

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Mr adeel wrote:
i wanna ask u that how to make a car racing game?

What exactly do you mean with 'car racing game'?
A simple 2D game or a state-of-the-art 3D racing simulator?
As you may see, the skills required are quite different.
(if you are a newbie, even the 'simple 2D game' would be demanding).
Here at CodeProject there is an article about 2D racing game [^] it is quite dated (hence, it is unmanaged code), anyway it may give you a rough idea of.
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XNA has a starter kit for racing games along the theme of Project Gotham. For a basic top down track game, George Clingerman has "the road not taken" tutorial which can get you started with tracks and collision. As for a sample with AI, I did find a 2d racing tutorial a long time ago, but I don't remember where :doh: . Good luck.
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