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Hi, I am not sure if I am even using the name correctly, but I have google searched and google search for this over a period of uncountably many several years, and as of so far I have been unable to find a reference for what control or Windows API I call to get the progress wheel/spinner control with the little dots that whirl around happily, such as during Windows 10 boot etc.

A screen shot with the control/progress wheel I am talking about in question is displayed here:

Screenshot of Windows 10 Boot Screen with Progress Wheel[^]

Notice the thing in the red circle in the picture linked above. Is there a Windows API function, method, C# class, or a control somewhere buried deep in the bowels of Windows API/MSDN that I've just been plain missing?

Also, I want to know if this is available for C# WinForms. I know there may potentially be something also available for WPF, so, if anyone also has any information on that, it would be very helpful as well. Thank you.

What I have tried:

Google searched mostly, but I am at a loss at the specific search words/keywords to use because I am not sure what this "control" is called.
Updated 21-Jan-19 11:51am
Richard Deeming 22-Jan-19 8:29am    
Maybe you could adapt the code from this 2007 article?
How to write a loading circle animation in .NET?[^]

1 solution

What you're referring to is (generally) a "wait cursor".

The one I use in WPF is below; wrapped in a using; around the "waiting" code.

Don't know if you can customize it to what you want. For a kiosk, I created my own (bigger) "wait (for it) window" (WPF storyboard with rotating sprocket and status message).

using System;
using System.Windows.Input;

namespace xxx.Common {

   public class WaitCursor: IDisposable {

      private Cursor _previousCursor;

      public WaitCursor() {
         _previousCursor = Mouse.OverrideCursor;
         Mouse.OverrideCursor = Cursors.Wait;

      public void Dispose() {
         Mouse.OverrideCursor = _previousCursor;

   }  // end class.
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Brian C Hart 22-Feb-19 9:05am    
Hi Gerry,

Thank you for the idea. However, I am unclear as to whether your proposed solution would meet my needs (sorry, I don't know WPF and I am not clear if I ever will program in it, I am a WinForms guy).

Did you have a chance to look at the picture in my question as to what I am specifically looking for?

I am just concerned that the code you supplied would put a little tiny blue doughnut on the screen in place of the "arrow" mouse cursor -- which I know how to do already -- however, I am specifically looking for those fun "dots" and that look exactly like the Winlogon screen's version.

I am convinced that it's gotta be buried in the OS somewhere as a control. But if I am wrong, I really do not have the foggiest as to how to replicate it.

So, I appreciate your help very much, however, it's not what I am looking for.

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