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Dear All,

Kindly confrim how to show the running clock. i.e as defined


show only loading time of form. How we will show the running time. Time

of the label1 should change with every seconds.

use Window.setInterval() method to trigger the Javascript function every second.

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Peter_in_2780 7-Sep-10 0:25am    
Reason for my vote of 1
The question has nothing to do with Javascript.
Sushant Joshi 29-Sep-10 1:24am    
I am not sure wether you understood the response, I had mentioned one approach of doing it in JS.
Add a timer to your form, enable that timer, set its intervall to whatever suits your needs best and set label1.text = in the timer_tick-event.
And get a book about VB.NET since this is quite basic.
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CPallini 6-Sep-10 8:27am    
Yeah that is quite BASIC. :-)
Smithers-Jones 6-Sep-10 8:41am    
:-) Well, it's not exactly rocket science (or brain surgery).

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