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I am inserting data in sql using store procedure, its working fine but cmd.executenonquery returning -1 .
Can any one plz tell me that either it return -1 or there is any problem with my code?

Thanks in advance.
Updated 6-Sep-10 0:44am

Are you using inline queries. Check this link:
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Sushant Joshi 6-Sep-10 8:22am    
If you have inline queries you would get the updated row count, however, for stored proc, it is not possible to find the updated rows, hence the return value is -1
Have you got a trigger running on your table[^]?

"For UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE statements, the return value is the number of rows affected by the command. When a trigger exists on a table being inserted or updated, the return value includes the number of rows affected by both the insert or update operation and the number of rows affected by the trigger or triggers. For all other types of statements, the return value is -1. If a rollback occurs, the return value is also -1."

If not, you might have an issue with the code.
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Have a look here: ServerConnection.ExecuteNonQuery Method [^]

It says:
Return Value: An Int32 value that specifies the total number of rows affected by the Transact-SQL command for UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE statements. For all other types of statements, the return value is -1.

Now, it depends on what are you doing. Though you say Inserting, but looks like not in a proper expected way.
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ExecuteNonQuery in your case is not executing any command directly. It executes a stored procedure. Hence it will not return the number of rows affected. You will have to get that inside in your stored procedure and send it back as an out parameter.
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C#ANDAN 7-Sep-10 15:01pm    
Reason for my vote of 4
You ask if there is a problem with your code and then proceed to not show it.

Paste some code and it would help! :)
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i have found the solution , hence i m using store procedure thats y it is returning -1 other wise it returns 1 in queries
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