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i'm 15 years old . i begin learning programming about two weeks ago . now i can write software with sql server and C# - but i don't know how to begin writing software that i want.
quesetions :

1. how can i build softwares like kmplayer or tune up or ccleaner , .... ( i know that i can't build that softwares but i can build software that can play mp3 or mkv files but i don't know how to build it . please tell me how ? )

2. how they are making that beautiful themes for they're softwares ? what is the name of program that they use to buld theme for softwares ? ( how they can build that perfect glass theme for softwares ?) long take to be a pro in programming ? ( i love programming but i'm very confused about write a program )

sorry if i type words wrong - english is my second language and i don't know it very well. thank you.

I'd suggest start small, learning is an incremental thing so set yourself some realistic goals, in you case perhaps first just set yourself a task to write an app to play wav files & use google to find out how. Learning to program is all about figuring out how to do what you need to do next to make something work and the learning-process never ends.

For a start with your idea maybe look at:[^]
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brandon1999 26-Jul-15 6:19am    
thank u alot. please if you have time get me your skype id or yahoo messenger id. i want To learn from you.
Don't start to, not yet.
If you've only been learning two weeks, then you have only just "scratched the surface" of what is available - and you need to get a good, solid grounding in the basics before you branch into complicated stuff! I know, I know - it sounds boring. And it is.'s a skill, and like any skill you have to start with the "dull stuff" to start forming the pathways in your mind that the later stuff works on. Think about it: Louis Hamilton didn't start off with a works F1 car: he started with a very slow go-cart and had to work out how far he could turn the steering wheel without falling off! :laugh:

There are assemblies which make working with MP3 or video files, but they expect you to understand the basics of what they are talking about (field, properties, methods, classes, events, delegates, arrays, collections, ... the list goes on) before you ca use them effectively.

How long does it take? A lifetime! :laugh:
Ok, that's an exaggeration - but it's a lot truer than you think: you never stop learning in this business (or you will be left behind). I've been developing for thirty+ years and I'm still learning!
Basically, if you want to be good at it, the time it takes is up to you: the more you put in, the more you get out. Practice is the key: do all exercises, even the dull simple ones - they force information into your brain in ways that reading or listening don't. be proficient in C# as a first language takes a couple of months, to be good in it takes 6~9 months (the .NET framework is HUGE!) and I'll let you know if I ever become a pro!
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brandon1999 26-Jul-15 6:19am    
thank you so much . cause i love programming very much i should practice alot. thanks again for your Examples and explanations. please pray for me to be a good programmer. and please if you have time get me your skype id or yahoo messenger id. i want To learn from you.
OriginalGriff 26-Jul-15 6:27am    
You're welcome!

I'm sorry, but I just do not have the time to get involved with individual mentoring: I get five or six requests a month and if I accepted them all I'd have no time left for actual paying work! So I have to regretfully decline them all, as it wouldn't be fair to take some and not others.

But we are generally a friendly bunch here: follow a course or book and ask good questions and you'll get all the help you need.
brandon1999 26-Jul-15 6:34am    
ok i underestand.thank you again.
It's always nice to see the new generation & I'm always happy to answer.

First of all don't feel frustrated about not knowing everything everything. Mastering a language can take a long time. Especially C#. It's a good language, but it takes quite a lot of time to master all the components of the .NET Framework. I've been programming in C# since 2005, but I think I don't even know half of the possibilities.

To answer some of your questions:
1. Building a complex software, like kmplayer requires a lot of time, and it's not written by only one programmer. Complex softwares can easily contain millions of lines of source code, but eventually you will get there :)

2. There's no universal program to make an app prety. I Wish it would be simple as: Application.LookRelalyNice(); :)
Usualy nice looking applications are designed by a designer, who draws the layout in photoshop or a graphical software, then the programmers make it work. I suggest looking into the WPF subsystem of the .NET framework. It's designed to be modified. Almost everything can be styled. A good example is the MahApps framework:[^]

3. Becoming a pro depends on your dedication, but to be honest, the more I know about programming the less I feel that I know something. There's always something new worth learning, so it's a never ending process.
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brandon1999 26-Jul-15 6:14am    
ok thank you alot.
brandon1999 26-Jul-15 6:19am    
please if you have time get me your skype id or yahoo messenger id. i want To learn from you.
webmaster442 26-Jul-15 14:29pm    
I don't use skype or yahhoo messenger, but e-mail is okay.
My advice is:
- Learn Boole Algebra. All complicated IF are using Boole Algebra.
- Learn languages: is a good tutorial site.
- Start small
- abuse of Debugger
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brandon1999 26-Jul-15 6:24am    
thank u.
brandon1999 26-Jul-15 6:27am    
please if you have time get me your skype id or yahoo messenger id. i want To learn from you.
Patrice T 26-Jul-15 22:42pm    
I don't skype or messenger
you can contact us via CP, just bookmark us.
To bookmark us, click on our name, you will see our profile and on top of yellow rectangle on right, you can bookmark us.
To add to the excellent answers, I'd like add that programming isn't just writing using a programming language. In order to be a good programmer you also need to master other skills than C# or .Net framework.

First of all it may not be sufficient to understand a single language. You wrote that you have tried C# and SQL so as you see, the same language can't be used to solve all of the problems. In order to make good software, proper tools should be selected for each problem. This means that a single application may require the use of several different languages. In my opinion the key in this is to be able to see the big picture.

Also programming is not just writing code, it's teamwork, one way or another. It can be that requirements are handed to you or you need information from others or perhaps you need to be able to understand how people react to different things in order to build a good user interface. So I advice to always listen to people, make a lot of questions and always have a reasonable doubt. There's no single truth in programming so everything you hear or read, is basically just an opinion (just like this answer :))

Good luck!
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brandon1999 26-Jul-15 6:28am    
ok, thank u. please if you have time get me your skype id or yahoo messenger id. i want To learn from you.
Wendelius 26-Jul-15 7:11am    
I'm sorry but I do not have the opportunity for giving individual guidance. However, remember that there are a lot of skillful folks in CodeProject so you're always welcome to ask questions. I believe you'll get quality answers when needed :)

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